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As a Billings, MT Maternity Photographer, in-home Lifestyle Sessions create such an intimate comfortable setting at such a late stage of expectancy. Maternity Sessions are scheduled between 34 and 38 weeks of pregnancy, as this ensures we have a full belly and a very excited and anxious family.

Keith, Erin and Luke are such an absolute joy to work with.  During this session, expecting their surprise baby, these parents are over the moon to have double the fun and double the love. Luke, like any other two year old, was full of giggles and energy, so my camera and I had to work fast. HA!   Never too far from his Lightning McQueen and his big boy sippy cup, I was able to capture Luke with his mommy and daddy, playing and reading, before the new arrival.  Being only two, Luke didn’t really understand the whole big-little sibling thing, but that didn’t stop him from being very curious about mommy’s growing belly.

Erin and Keith’s love is also something to be celebrated.  As you can tell in the images, this love is nothing to just brush over. I spent time with them in their home and their life together just looks, I want to say simple, but it’s more than that. The words EASY or NATURAL come to mind, but it’s just LOVE. These two just go together.  They left me in awe. 

This family is just amazing!

With lots of love and cuddles to go around, Luke and new Owen (Yep, it was a boy! A gorgeous, perfect little boy), are so blessed to be Erin and Keith’s littles!

I look forward to watching this beautiful family grow.




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