Maternity Session

Pregnancy – such a wonderful, exciting time for a family.  Whether you’re a first time mother or you already have little ones, every pregnancy is unique and special.

The development of that little body as they grow and prepare to make their arrival is nothing short of amazing.  It’s a such a brief stage in the whole scope of the journey of motherhood.  I want to capture that.

At this moment, you may not feel your best.  That’s absolutely normal.  Your body is going through changes you may have never expected or seen before.  Let me tell you, right now you are the epitome of strength and I want you to see this, to remember it, to have these images to reflect on and too share with the people you love.   The glow, the joy, the excitement for the arrival of your baby.  I want to celebrate this pregnancy with you.

As soon as you contact me we will schedule an In-Person Consultation.  During this meeting we will discuss your ideas for your session, to make it personalized to you.


  • What should I wear?

If you have something to wear, that’s perfect!  We can also discuss use of props or in-house maternity outfits that fit your style.   Remember, if you plan on showing your bump, avoid wearing elastic or anything binding as not to create marks or skin indentations.  I have also created a Pinterest Page with “What to Wear” ideas.  Feel free to browse for ideas but remember, I am here to help, these are things we will discuss in preparation for your session!  I am here to make this as easy and worry-free as possible!

  • When should you book your session?

You should book your session as soon as possible to secure a date.  Your session will ideally take place between 33 and 36 weeks gestation.   I want to make sure we can see your bump, but I don’t want you uncomfortable.

  • Where will the session take place?

Your session will take place wherever you feel most comfortable: in-studio, outdoors or in your home.

  • Who should I bring?

We can include the father and older children, if you wish, to reflect your beautiful, growing family.

Denette is, hands down, one of the most talented photographers in our region. I’m still amazed at how she was able to work with and capture our busy… 2 year old. I recommend Country Lovely Photography to any one wanting to capture special moments in their lives. – Erin