Do you ever sit and share old photographs of you as a child with your children?  Maybe silly photos of their aunts or uncles as children?  More importantly, do you share photographs of family members who have passed.  Maybe grandparents, great-grandparents or even older?  I know I do, and often!

My grandfather had film reels.  He was “ahead of his time”.   Unfortunately, because these old reels are uncommon nowadays, viewing these photos are almost impossible.   My grandmother was a huge VHS buff. She taped every occasion, birthday, wedding, baptism on these huge contraptions.  These, too, are a thing of the past!

We are in a fast-paced digital world, and it’s constantly evolving.  Do you have documents or photos on old floppy discs? These are obsolete as well.  When you only purchase digitals, on a USB or disk, you run the risk of possibly not having access to these images at some point in the future. How will your children’s children ever enjoy these old photographs?   How will they know who they resemble?  How will they know their history?

The solution?  PRINT.

Selecting a Collection and printing your images, you’re investing in future generations by making these prints available to your loved ones.   Give your children the gift of family and love, for years to come.

Country Lovely Photography has carefully chosen premium, professional photography printers and products.

CLP offers prints, albums, beautiful keepsake boxes and framed or canvas wall art.  I do understand the importance of digital images for social media sharing, which is why I also include an ‘e-quality’ digital image for every print you purchase, for online sharing.  There is also an option for purchasing digitals only in my a la carte menu.  

Quality, unsurpassed


Average investment:

Portrait Session  –  $1300

Birth Session  –  $1700

Love, captured.

I just want to give a shout out to Country Lovely Photography! Yesterday, we met and she gave me our birthing photo album and prints of our baby girl. Not only were they wrapped up so beautifully, but they turned out amazing! Denette definitely goes above and beyond the standards of the photography business. I highly recommend her for birthing photos or any of your photography needs!  –  Katie