As a Billings, MT Child Photographer, my absolute favorite part of my job is working with littles of all stages. The littles in the belly, the littles making their GRAND DEBUT, littles in their littlest outfits, littles growing into their big personalities. How lucky am I, I get to capture all these moments for their biggest fans – Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, celebrating the joy they bring to their lives.

The first time I got an opportunity to photograph Ellie, I was blown away by her smile. She’s a true and timeless beauty. Ellie did a Paint Session. Her mother Kari told me how much Ellie loves arts and crafts and what a gifted artist she is. An artist, she truly is! She had full reign of her art and captured this flower beautifully. In true Artistry Session form, imagination is key.

Unfortunately, this session was cut short as we were being consumed by mosquitoes. But these were not your ordinary, run of the mill mosquitoes, you see.. These were VAMPIRE mosquitoes who had not eaten in possibly a year…or two. They were vicious, I tell you. Ellie did an amazing job of completing her masterpiece under such extreme conditions.

I salute you, Miss Ellie!

The second time I had the privilege of photographing her, the conditions were not as severe. We made our way to the top of the world.. or Billings anyway. Location: Zimmerman Park. No mosquitoes, thank the Lord! For this session, I had a different idea up my sleeve. Being the Game of Thrones fan that I am, I decided on a tip of the ‘ole hat to my Queen. I knew (or hoped) Ellie would not know who we were trying to portray, she didn’t.  So with a little coaching and explanation, we were able to pull a little QoD out of her. She did awesome!!

What an absolute joy it was to see ‘all the faces of Ellie’. She is a remarkable young lady and I can’t wait until next time.

Country Lovely Photography