Artistry Session

Artistry Sessions are about capturing all that makes your little one special and unique.  A whimsical session of art, celebrating their childhood, their hopes and dreams, but more importantly, their creativity.

Do you have a princess, a ballerina, a magician, a bookworm, an athlete?  Country Lovely Photography’s Artistry Sessions, we make their imagination a reality.  A lover of Little Red Riding Hood finds herself lost in the woods.  We will work together to make this session suited to them, using their craft or their ambitions.

Country Lovely Photography Artistry Sessions are about expression; to be who they aspire to be.  This session does not have to be specific to an art, it can simply be a Portrait Session, but the intent is capturing their unique personality through clothing, location and poses.

The ideal age for this type of session is 6-10 years old. These ages are very flexible, depending on maturity and imagination of the child. The goal is to maximize the imagination while still understanding the concept of the session.

This will be a wonderful way to decorate their rooms with personalized images of them.

During our in-person consultation we will discuss the session in greater detail, to make this experience as personalized and special as they are.

Playing, imagining, creating.

She did an amazing job with my daughter’s artistry session! We had so much fun and the portraits turned out awesome! – Leslie